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DIY: Last Minute (but Totally Cool) Celebrity Halloween Costumes

DIY: Last Minute (but Totally Cool) Celebrity Halloween Costumes

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who have been planning their Halloween costumes since July—and those who have not. And if you’re anything like us, you definitely waited till the last minute!

But fear not, we got you! We’ve pulled together some totally instagrammable costume ideas inspired by our favorite starlets, and even more importantly—you can actually wear it all again!

So skip those overpriced costumes from the crowded Halloween store, avoid showing up to the party in the same costume as everyone else (does it get any worse than being the twentieth bunny at a party?), and look to our DIY guide instead. And did we mention everything here is available at!


Dangerous Woman

Dangerous Woman

First things first, get that signature high ponytail in check (then add ears!). The “Side to Side” singer is known for wearing tall or over-the-knee boots, cat ears and lingerie-inspired costumes on the stage—and off!

What You’ll Need: Tall glittery boots, cat ears, lingerie and an inspirational graphic tee.

Shop the Look: Be The Change Tee, Rhinestone Encrusted Cat Ear Headband, 3-Pack Faux Fur Scrunchie Set, Glittering Thigh High Stiletto Boots, Lavender Velvet Bra & Undie Set.


Look What You Made Us Do

Keeping Up With the Queens

When it comes to Halloween costumes, every detail matters (I mean, we have a reputation to protect). We recreated the look from the most fashionable kitten heist we’ve ever seen, however you’ll have to bring that angry, just-crawled-out-of-a-grave attitude.

What You’ll Need: Cool details like lace-up or distressing, over-the-knee boots in a fiery red, anything with a tigers/cats/lions on it and a gold chain necklace

Shop the Look: Split Lace Up Sweatshirt Dress, Red Velvet Peep Toe Over The Knee Boots, Ombre Lion Case for iPhone 6/6s/7, Antique Coin Layered Necklace.


Keeping Up With the Queens

Look What you Made Me Do

The queens of Instagram, TV, pop culture, basically the world are evvverywhere rn, but for Halloween we’re especially loving one of them in particular. Channel your inner doll with a curve-hugging dress, stilettos and of course—major emphasis on the lips!

What You’ll Need: A sheer mesh bodycon dress, flashy accessories and TONS of lip gloss.

Shop the Look: Pink Exploded Mesh Bodycon Dress, Keep A Glow Profile Palette, Game Changer Metallic Melted Metal Lip Gloss, Ring Leader Metallic Melted Metal Lip Gloss, Golden Holographic Wristlet, Rose Gold Metallic Mirrored Aviators.