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rue21 @ Coachella


Coachella x rue21

We followed L.A. based actress Jen Levinson to Coachella for music, fashion, and fun vibes! After, we sat down with Jen for the scoop on all the highlights of this iconic weekend.

What was the killer fashion trend at Coachella this year?

Fringe has always been a Coachella must-have, and I saw plenty of it, from fringe skirts & shirts to handbags with fringe accents. A new trend this year that I noticed was bold snapback hats, from brightly colored snapbacks to bedazzled & pom-pom covered. As a ‘90s kid who idolized fashionably bold cartoon characters, I'm loving this snapback hat trend. When it's over a hundred degrees outside, nothing tops a fashion-forward accessory that also protects your skin.

What was your fave rue21 piece to slay?

I have a slight sunglasses obsession... okay, fine, I have a major sunglasses obsession! So you can imagine how much fun I had rocking my rue21 sunnies. For my day one look, I tied my outfit together with a pair of circle-framed, orange-tinted sunnies that matched perfectly with my orange shorts. The shades fit my face perfectly, and I loved the little planetary accents on the frame.

What is your go-to festival uniform?

When it comes to a festival like Coachella, it's scorching hot! I always strive to find festival fashion that's the perfect balance between cute and comfort, keeping in mind that I will sweat profusely within five minutes of walking in the desert heat. Typically, jean shorts and either a tank or crop top are my festival faves, with a swimsuit underneath. Long sleeve are a no-go for me, although having a sweater readily available for the evening is prime.

If you could only take 3 things to Coachella, what would they be?

1. A sweater! Sure, it's hot outside now, but don't be deceived! It will be windy and cold as the night acts take the stage.

2. A bandana. When you're in the middle of the desert, dust storms are inevitable. Prepare yourself with a small bandana.

3. Tissues. You're gonna need these both when your makeup starts to smudge from the heat, and also when the dust makes your nose run!

Name your other Coachella essentials.

Besides a bandana and tissues, add sunscreen, a lightweight backpack, a towel, and a swimsuit. Coachella has a widespread layout, and as the day progresses, the grounds get significantly more crowded, and therefore, hot. By using a mini backpack, you can avoid running back and forth from a rented locker by having your essentials on you at all times in a fashionable & lightweight way! Since you'll be tired from both the heat and from rocking out to your favorite bands, it's always nice to have a towel available to lay on the ground for a quick power nap!

Who was your favorite artist to see?

I've been to Coachella five consecutive years, and this year's lineup slayed the game! Hans Zimmer led a unique orchestra set that won the Coachella crowd over, Kendrick blew me away with his witty raps, and Lorde proved her mainstay power with a stand-out set. That being said, Two Door Cinema Club took the Coachella crown with their catchy vocals and amazing guitar riffs.

The best song to rock out to at Coachella?

Go. "D.A.N.C.E" by Justice!

Describe the Coachella vibes.

Coachella is all about no-egos and chill vibes. Sure, everyone is trying really hard to look good, but all the outfit prep work makes for a relaxed, carefree atmosphere. In the very least, I believe that Coachella's carefree vibes are due in part to the confidence we all feel when rocking our favorite outfits to amazing music.

What snack could you die for at Coachella?

Coachella is snack heaven. The snack selection, while expensive, is overwhelming in options. I spotted everything from a burger to a unicorn milkshake, but nothing hits the spot quite like a slice of pizza... and a watermelon wedge!