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Matte Lips for Spring

Matte Lips for Spring

The matte makeup trend is everything this season, but don’t go out and buy all new lipstick just because you’re having FOMO! You can get matte lips in a few easy steps using your favorite shade and other beauty essentials we know you have in your arsenal.

First, exfoliate those winter lips, and get all the dryness skin off. Then, apply a sticky lip balm for extra moisture. While super fabulous, matte lips highlight any flaw in your lips, so having totally moisturized lips is a must.

Pro tip: don’t spend money on expensive exfoliators; make your own! Mix a teaspoon of sugar with a teaspoon of olive oil or honey and rub vigorously on your lips. Rub off gently, and you’re set for step two!

Apply your favorite spring shade of lipstick! Our suggestion? Coral Floral Lipstick

Pat some translucent or baby powder on your newly luscious lips, then to get the matte look we can’t get enough of, use a make-up sponge to blot the powder into your lips. Press your lips together.

Feeling lazy? Just apply the Gel Mattifier over your fave shade and head out the door!