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2017 Prom Guide

2017 Prom Guide

Prom. It can be nerve wracking. There are so many details and plans to be made.

Who will you go with? What will you wear? How will you keep your hair in place?

It's a lot. We get it.

Consider your promblems solved! The rue21 prom guide is here to tell you what to wear, what kinds of flowers to take, and how to stay looking and feeling fresh all night long.


What to Wear: Two Piece Gowns

We love us a crop top all year long, and this year for prom, we have some seriously cute two piece gowns that are sure to turn heads. Here’s a rundown of the best, and we have one for everyone.

Jeweled Lace Tank & Tulle Skirt Set

We love this dress because you will 100% wear it again— and we’re not talking about to prom next year! Whether you’re wearing the top with jeans and a leather jacket, or the skirt with a sweater and embellished booties, you’ll be turning heads all year long.

Split Waist High Neck Lace Prom Dress

Just FYI – If you show up to prom in this dress, your date will constantly lose the train of thought. You’ll be the center of the dance floor, no matter where you are. Allover lace is low-key all the rage. The high neckline & trumpet skirt will flatter any prom goer. Trust, you need this dress.

Jeweled Tank & Side Slit Maxi Skirt Set

Glam factor? You’re at max capacity in this one. Get ready to shine literally and metaphorically in this jewel encrusted gown. This dress is one of those statement pieces, and looks great with a simple up-do and accessories. You need a big personality to pull this dress off – you know who you are!


Flowers? For Prom? Groundbreaking…

Flower arrangements for special occasions are a fun tradition, but take the custom and put a fresh spin on it! Instead of having your prom date bring you a corsage or bouquet, think of other ways to incorporate flowers into your look.

Bring fresh flowers that enhance your overall look to your hair appointment and have your hair stylist weave them into your up-do. This can be as simple as tucking a flower behind your ear, or as elaborate as one of these styles – it’s up to you!


If you’re feeling crafty, break out your inner DIY goddess and create your own custom flower crown, which is the 2017 prom trend.

DIY Flower Crown: What You’ll Need

1. Flowers: your choice! We recommend an accent flower (think roses, daisies, and sunflowers), and base flowers (like baby’s breath, agonis, and lavender).

2. Two kinds of floral wire – thin and thick

3. Floral tape

4. Feathers or leaves to create a fuller effect

5. Wire-cutting scissors

First, take the thick floral wire and wrap it around your head for sizing. We recommend figuring out where exactly you want the crown to lay on your head (right on top, tilted, etc.) before starting to set the flowers. Then, cut the stems of your flowers so they are about ½ inch long. Cut as many pieces of thin floral wire as you have flowers, and cut the wire six inches long.

Second, spiral the thin floral wire around the base and accent flowers' stems. Then, attach your base flowers to the crown by creating another spiral around the crown itself with the excess wire. Repeat this step for the accent flowers.

Continue your design for as much of the crown as you want covered. You can have as much or as little of the crown covered as you want – it’s YOUR look & YOUR prom!


Love the flower look, but find yourself sneezing at the mere sight of petals & pollen? Try a flower crown braid, which requires nothing but your gorgeous hair! You’ll be on trend without your allergy meds.


Makeup that’s Built to Last

Prom is a fun, but long night. Taking the steps to make sure your hair and makeup stay in place will make your night even more memorable, and more importantly, less stressful!

1. Exfoliate It

Go through an exfoliation routine a couple nights a week before the big day! This will make your skin more receptive to product, and then your makeup will stay in place, even as you dance the night away.

2. Primed for the Night

Using an oil-free, silicone based primer is the most forgotten step when doing makeup for a long haul. Primer will refine your pores, correct your color, and block oil from creeping in. Use primer on your eyelids as well as your face to keep your eye makeup firmly in place.

3. Lips that Last

To keep your lips plump and colored, apply a thin layer of foundation before applying the lip stick or stain. This will make your lip color last all night long, through every sip & kiss!

To pull off the perfect red lip, read this.