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QUIZ: Who is Your Style Icon from “Before I Fall”?

 Who is Your Style Icon from “Before I Fall”?

What’s the first thing you do when you see your besties in the morning before school?

  1. Beep the horn – you’re the one picking them up!
  2. Feel relieved – you rely on your girls to get you through the day
  3. Do something outrageous to get them laughing before class
  4. Tell them all about the dream you had last night


Your go-to school outfit usually consists of:

  1. A leather jacket
  2. A comfy sweater
  3. A flirty dress
  4. A great statement piece


When you’re at a party, you’re likely:

  1. Flirting with your crush of the week
  2. Staying close to your girls
  3. Dancing to whatever’s playing
  4. Having a conversation with the most interesting person in the room


Name a word that describes your style:

  1. Edgy
  2. Trendy
  3. Bold
  4. Confident

If you answered mostly 1s: You’re Lindsay!

 Who is Your Style Icon from “Before I Fall”?

You are one edgy girl. With your style and in your life, you’re not afraid to take risks, but you love your upgraded basic look. You’re always thinking one step ahead, you never slow down, and most importantly, your clothes can always keep up with you! To emulate that perfect Lindsay look, take basic pieces like a striped tee and beanie and make them stand out with a pair of cute but wearable burgundy booties. With your fast paced lifestyle you don’t have time to be costume changing—and with this versatile look, you’ll be going from school to fun in no time.


If you answered mostly 2s: You’re Sam!

 Who is Your Style Icon from “Before I Fall”?

You keep up with fashion trends like it’s nobody’s business. If Gigi wore it yesterday, you came to school in it today. Your personal style is somewhat undefined, but you love playing around with different textures and genres of styles! That’s what being young and fun is all about—finding what works for you and what makes you feel best! Currently, you’re rocking the oversized sweater and mini dress combo, but tomorrow? Who knows! Keep following that fashion trail!


If you answered mostly 3s: You’re Elody!

 Who is Your Style Icon from “Before I Fall”?

You are flirty, fun, and fabulous! Every day is an occasion—and you dress for it! Why not? Life’s too short to be wearing jeans and a sweatshirt every day. You’re taking the style game to the next level in fun dresses, chunky heels, and sparkly accessories. Colors and patterns are your favorite fashion finds, and you love playing up your features. Some may crack under the pressure of keeping a look so on point all the time, but you live for it, you fashionista!


If you answered mostly 4s: You’re Ally!

 Who is Your Style Icon from “Before I Fall”?

When you have it together, you carry your style, not the other way around! Your confidence carries you, and that’s your best accessory. You love being comfortable—think soft sweaters and flowing dresses—but don’t be fooled. You bring it all together with that statement piece that wows the room—and your friend group. Your personal collection has those key pieces that are the envy of your friends, and you’re always willing to share!


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