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Three Ways to Wear a Choker

Three Ways to Wear a Choker

Chokers are the greatest throwback since jelly shoes… but we’re still waiting for those gems to come back into style. They’re totally flawless, wherever your schedule takes you. Metallic, woven and sueded, these chokers work it all week long!

Whether you’re going to work, school or out on the town, you can be sure a choker will tie your whole look together. We are wild for chokers; they are the style fix for any situation. Nervous about trying the trend? We have three days of chokers that will take you from subtle to full on throwback. Proceed at your own speed-- once you take the rue21 Choker Challenge, you can never go back. Your style will be transformed forever!

Not ready to commit to the full on ‘90s look? Go sweet & subtle with the Diamante Geo Pendant Set. This choker will truly go with any outfit, but try it out with your collared shirt and cardigan for work! It’ll give a little something extra to brighten up the random Tuesday you wish was a Friday.

Now that the art of the subtle choker has been tried and loved on day one, move on to something a little more daring. It is Thursday after all—you can taste the weekend and maybe you have a date tonight. Go with the Metal Tipped Wrap Choker in Taupe for an edgy but romantic touch to you week night on the town.

You’re ready. It’s time. It’s Saturday night and your outfit is missing that wow factor. You’ve torn apart your closet; you’ve tried on all seven of your favorite shirts. Something just isn’t right. We have the solution, and you’ve been priming for it all week. It’s the Wide Velvet Choker in Red. This will take your look to a whole other dimension. You’ll be turning heads and taking names! Your confidence will be at 110%! You are the envy of your friends—and you’re loving every minute.

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