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Winter Workouts for When you Can’t Even (Leave the House)

Winter Workouts for When you Can’t Even (Leave the House)

We have fitness guru Suzie B. back this week to get us hyped about sticking to those New Year’s resolutions! Working out is obviously important, but sometimes it’s a pain to leave the house, especially when the air hurts your face.

Suzie is going to run us through some of her favorite workout moves that can be done anywhere from the living room to the gym.

Why Does the Air Hurt My Face

Hey everyone! These moves can be done anywhere, but this time, I picked the beach, because I just HAD to get away from the cold! We all know getting to the gym in the winter can be a total struggle, so all you have to do is find an open spot at home and get your workout on.

Start with these:

Jump Lunge

Stand with your legs apart around a 90 degree angle and jump upwards.


Squat Jump

Get in a standard squat position. Engage your core and jump.



Lower your body in a squat position. Kick your feet back so you are in a push up position. Lower yourself and perform a Pushup. Kick your feet back to the first position. Explode upwards.

Do ten reps of each exercise in a row. Repeat this three to four times!


You’re going to get thirsty, so come prepared and make sure you stay hydrated during your workouts! Suzie uses our Copper Geo Sparkle Tumbler to stay hydrated. Need something more inspiring? Then fill up our Sweat Now Shine Later Metal Bottle!

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