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The Perfect Valentine

What’s the perfect gift for your Valentine?What’s the perfect gift for your Valentine?

Even though Valentine’s Day is kind of a fake holiday, it does have some historical significance and supposedly dates all the way back to Roman times; men in times of war were not allowed to get married, but Bishop Valentine threw down and yelled, “STOP! IN THE NAME OF LOVE!” And proceeded to perform a bunch of secret weddings. Aww! But then he was arrested and eventually executed. Ouch. That’s rough. However, rumor has it, that while he was in incarcerated, he wrote a love note to the jailer’s daughter and signed it, “from your Valentine”. Awwwww. That’s a tough act to follow! So when pondering the perfect gift for the person who brightens your days, you gotta think long and hard.

Chocolate? I guess. Flowers? I mean… okay. But we know you. You got game! You can do more on this Hallmark holiday of holidays. Whoever you’ve got in mind for this special day— whether it be your boyfriend, girlfriend, sister, BFF, dog, or grandmother’s neighbor’s cleaning lady—they deserve a lot of extra love!

Running low on brain juice? No worries— we compiled a list for you with all your possible valentines!

For an SO

For your recently single BFF

For your sister

For the boyfran

For all your girls

For the OG Valentine— mom!

For teacher of the year

For your caffeine consuming coworker

Don’t forget to show some self love!

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