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Layer Up with Statement Jewelry and Watches

Layer Up with Statement Jewelry and Watches

Everyone has their go-to piece of jewelry that pulls any and every outfit together. Mine? A simple gold bangle bracelet that says “EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY!” I feel bare without it; it’s very simple, but it’s representative of my overall style. If you’re looking for that one accessory that defines you and your style, something that you can throw on and feel instantly chic—look no further! We are introducing tons of cool new styles of jewelry and watches this spring, and we want you to find your perfect piece of jewelry!

Preppy & Punctual

You’re always on time. Like, always. But don’t get us wrong, your style is always on point, even though you’re juggling a million different things at once. You’re a go getter, and, always chasing the next internship, or taking the lead on the group project. Your statement piece of jewelry should be a bold faced watch, because even though your phone is never far away, this timeless time piece can sleekly and efficiently get you from point A to point B with grace—you know working hard is important, but you know your class will get you those three important letters: C E O.

Try the Scalloped Gold Tone Watch to keep all your goals on track!

Cool and Classic

Your style is timeless— and cubic zirconia is a girl’s best friend! In your friend group, you always have it together- in style and life. These clean studs will go with all your sweater sets, your flouncy dresses, and your favorite legging & boot combo. They’re perfectly versatile—just like you! Name a more iconic trio than a black sweater, jeans, and studs… I’ll wait.

It's class all the way with the Cubic Zirconia Stud Set.

Happy Hippie

When you’re jamming out to some Bob Marley and drinking your fair trade, all organic green tea, your statement jewelry should reflect the boho in your soul. Get inspired with some totally chill chokers. You like to layer in your wardrobe, so this choker will go with what you’re rocking in your day to day style. Whether you’re reading at the hole in the wall coffee shop downtown or heading to that indie show on a Friday night, you can take this statement piece anywhere.

Become one with the Healing Stone Corded Choker Set.

Flirty & Fit

You have no time for changing in between the gym and whatever else it is other people do. The library? Starbucks? It’s all the same to you, because all you can think about is that next workout; that next rush of endorphins. You live in your yoga leggings! The elliptical is your happy place. Free weights? No sweat. You need a fitness pal that will work & keep up with your active lifestyle—so try a smart watch in a cute color that will mesh with all your neon tanks and sneaks. Waterproof, sweatproof, and life proof!

Run away with the Light Pink Digital Activity Tracker Watch.

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