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Glimmer, Sparkle & Shine! NYE 2017 Make Up Basics

NYE Make Up Basics

You took the outfit quiz. Your date has been secured. The bubbly has been purchased. The crew has been assembled. NYE 2017 is… READY! But! There’s one thing that you absolutely cannot forget—- one very important factor—- your makeup. We know you’ll be up all night, but your face should look as fresh at hour one as hour eight (or nine… or ten…) You’ve already posted tons of pics on Instagram and Snapchat, so how do you make your NYE look pop among the dozens of fab looks you’ve already uploaded? The answer is in the eyes—- and using the right tools to highlight them. We have quick, easy, and versatile tips to keep your eyes bright and shiny for your whole evening of fabulous fun!

Start with a cream concealer and apply all over your eyelids, under your eyes, and under your eyebrows. This will act as a primer to create a solid base to keep your makeup in place through the glitter, sweat, and tears of laughter that comes from the amazing times you’ll have with your friends!

Create a stand out brow without an expensive brow kit! Take a clean toothbrush and give your brows a good brushing— move the hair every which way—but eventually, make sure the brow hair is all brushed upwards. Take care of any strays and smooth out the hair in its natural direction. Taking a small angle brush, a little bit of water, and an eyeshadow palate that matches your skin and hair complexion, wet the angle brush. Can’t match your brow color with an eyeshadow? Don’t be afraid to do some mixing, and try the Glow Eyeshadow Palate for a few different shades! Then, stroke your angle brush in the eyeshadow or combo of choice, and starting just above the brow bone, lightly pull a diagonal line from beginning to end of brow. Using the toothbrush, pull the color upwards and fill in where necessary. Bam! Adele eyebrows achieved.

Ever try white eyeliner? If not, we are pleased to introduce you to your new BFF. White eyeliner makes your eyes look so big, wide, and beautiful, no one will know if you’re dragging around 11 PM. Take a white eyeliner pencil and start at your tear duct. Make the line on your upper lash line a little thicker than normal. Line your waterline with the white pencil, and then use a black liquid or glitter pen to create a thin line on your upper lash line, creating a double line for a fun party base!

Using these basics, we leave the rest of your look in your hands. Go crazy with your look! It’ll be a new year, so make it the best night ever!

(The champagne isn’t the only thing that’s gonna pop this New Year’s Eve!)

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