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Up Your Cocoa Game

Up Your Cocoa Game

Baby, it’s COLD outside, and you know what that means: curling up with a yummy mug of…dried powdered cocoa packets?

Please. Just stop right there.

It’s 2016, and the artisanal hipster foodie thing is here to stay. Let us help you turn up your cocoa game with recipes that could crush your Swiss Miss packets in a snowball fight.

It’s about getting creative. It’s about real chocolate bars melted into rich deliciousness. It’s about whipped cream infused with cinnamon and nutmeg. It’s about people being like “You can’t put an entire box of Oreos in your hot chocolate” and you being like, “Guess what I just did.”

So check out some of our fave finds from the magical land of the internet, or get inspired to create your own!

  1. Melted Hot Chocolate with Sea Salt Whipped Cream

    This is the kind of hot cocoa to make if you have your own cooking show, or if you’re BFFs with the Barefoot Contessa. It gets extra points for fanciness because you make your own whipped cream and the whipped cream has sea salt in it, which is the fanciest of salts.

    Find this fancy hot cocoa recipe here.

  2. 2-Ingredient Nutella Hot Chocolate

    It’s basically hot chocolate made of Nutella. Does this need more explanation? Get some Nutella. Make the hot chocolate. Happiness ensues.

    Find this instant-bliss hot cocoa recipe here.

  3. Peppermint Hot Chocolate

    Adding mint elements to chocolate elements is a no-brainer. It’s like drinking the North Pole out of a magical candy cane mug. Fun fact: drinking peppermint hot cocoa helps Santa’s reindeer fly 40% more efficiently, and with 25% greater altitude range.

    Find Santa’s-Workshop-in-a-cup hot cocoa recipe here.

  4. Resberry White Hot Chocolate

    You thought hot chocolate always had to be…chocolate? Sometimes it’s pink, pretty and refreshingly fruity. Try this twist on the classic winter sweet treat with white chocolate, real raspberries and cream. Hmm, feels like the kind of thing you should drink while reclining on a fluffy white faux sheepskin rug, preferably in front of a crackling fire. Yeah, that sounds right.

    Find this decadently deviant hot cocoa recipe here.

  5. Aztec Hot Chocolate

    You knew it was coming. The hottest (and we mean HOTTEST) craze in hot cocoa drinking is adding a kick of spice to the sweet, and we love it. Just a little cayenne (or a lot of cayenne if you like to live life on the edge) draws out a new level of warmth and flavor to otherwise boring ol’ hot chocolate. Hey, some like it hot.

    Find this sweet-n-spicy hot cocoa recipe here.

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