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Lovely Layers

Lovely Layers

Oh fall… the season of pumpkin spice, haunted hay rides, and the best meal of the year—Thanksgiving! With all the fall fun, though, there’s one possible downside: chilly weather (unless you’re into that… no judgement!) Seventy and eighty degree days quickly turn to fifty degree days (and even chillier mornings) super-fast—- brr!!

This is where the art of layering comes into play, and we’ve got you covered-- literally. Check out our favorite fall pieces all layered up in three looks that will make the cold weather transition much more bearable.

  • Love the layering look, but hate the layering feel? Understandable. Wearing a sweater by itself can feel bulky on its own, let alone adding a flannel and a jacket on top. Here’s your solution: the sleeveless sweater. Gives you the layering look you want without the layering feel. Rock this look with our Cowl Neck Sleeveless Sweater.
  • This year’s hottest trend: the bomber jacket. It’s perfect for layering because it’s light and movable, and we know you’ve got places to be, especially at this time of year! Throw on a long sleeve tee, cozy flannel, this cool bomber jacket, and you’ve got it!
  • Can’t get enough of the boho look? Try a long cardigan, like the Lace Mesh Slub Cardi, paired with an anorak jacket, like the Patched Military Jacket, and your boho chic is instantly taken to the next level. Game changer!

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