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rueTravels: Puerto Rico

rueTravels: Puerto Rico

Viva la Puerto Rico! We took a much needed Spring Break to Puerto Rico to warm up & brush off those winter vibes.

As if the blue skies & sunshine weren’t enough to put some spring in our step, the first leg of the rue21 Spring Break photo shoot was captivated in the streets of San Juan next to the most beautiful buildings exuberating every color imaginable with each turn. The architectural details were enough to take you back to another world.

Arriving on the heels of one of the biggest festivals in the world, we took in all the Puerto Rican vibes. The San Sebastian Street Festival had the streets filled and music pumping throughout all of Old San Juan. What is the San Sebastian Festival? Yeah, we wondered the same thing & had no idea what we got ourselves into until we touched down in Puerto Rico. This festival has been an annual event in Old San Juan since 1970 and first started out as a community fundraiser. Organized originally by a priest at the San Jose Church (located on San Sebastian Street) to celebrate the fest day of San Sebastian, it’s now evolved into a 4-day event, go-to festival, full of not only locals, but tourists. In fact, so many people show up that the only mode of transportation is to come into the city by boat or cab. The streets are open and the festival is flowing full of music, dancing, drinks, food, & crafts.

Leaving Old San Juan was hard, but not as bad when your next destination is a tropical island.

By boat, plane & car, we made it to Vieques. Taking one step off the boat the view was enough to die for. Seriously, still dying for that view. Only taking in the vibes of this island for a couple days, we were sure to soak up every second. Between the clear blue waves on Playa la Plata, watching wild horses run next to our car, feasting on authentic Puerto Rican mofongo & flan, and watching the sunset next to a fire pit, we felt just like locals.

Experience Puerto Rico with rue21 with the launch of our Spring Break collection hitting stores & online in March!

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QUIZ: Who is Your Style Icon from “Before I Fall”?

 Who is Your Style Icon from “Before I Fall”?

What’s the first thing you do when you see your besties in the morning before school?

  1. Beep the horn – you’re the one picking them up!
  2. Feel relieved – you rely on your girls to get you through the day
  3. Do something outrageous to get them laughing before class
  4. Tell them all about the dream you had last night


Your go-to school outfit usually consists of:

  1. A leather jacket
  2. A comfy sweater
  3. A flirty dress
  4. A great statement piece


When you’re at a party, you’re likely:

  1. Flirting with your crush of the week
  2. Staying close to your girls
  3. Dancing to whatever’s playing
  4. Having a conversation with the most interesting person in the room


Name a word that describes your style:

  1. Edgy
  2. Trendy
  3. Bold
  4. Confident

If you answered mostly 1s: You’re Lindsay!

 Who is Your Style Icon from “Before I Fall”?

You are one edgy girl. With your style and in your life, you’re not afraid to take risks, but you love your upgraded basic look. You’re always thinking one step ahead, you never slow down, and most importantly, your clothes can always keep up with you! To emulate that perfect Lindsay look, take basic pieces like a striped tee and beanie and make them stand out with a pair of cute but wearable burgundy booties. With your fast paced lifestyle you don’t have time to be costume changing—and with this versatile look, you’ll be going from school to fun in no time.


If you answered mostly 2s: You’re Sam!

 Who is Your Style Icon from “Before I Fall”?

You keep up with fashion trends like it’s nobody’s business. If Gigi wore it yesterday, you came to school in it today. Your personal style is somewhat undefined, but you love playing around with different textures and genres of styles! That’s what being young and fun is all about—finding what works for you and what makes you feel best! Currently, you’re rocking the oversized sweater and mini dress combo, but tomorrow? Who knows! Keep following that fashion trail!


If you answered mostly 3s: You’re Elody!

 Who is Your Style Icon from “Before I Fall”?

You are flirty, fun, and fabulous! Every day is an occasion—and you dress for it! Why not? Life’s too short to be wearing jeans and a sweatshirt every day. You’re taking the style game to the next level in fun dresses, chunky heels, and sparkly accessories. Colors and patterns are your favorite fashion finds, and you love playing up your features. Some may crack under the pressure of keeping a look so on point all the time, but you live for it, you fashionista!


If you answered mostly 4s: You’re Ally!

 Who is Your Style Icon from “Before I Fall”?

When you have it together, you carry your style, not the other way around! Your confidence carries you, and that’s your best accessory. You love being comfortable—think soft sweaters and flowing dresses—but don’t be fooled. You bring it all together with that statement piece that wows the room—and your friend group. Your personal collection has those key pieces that are the envy of your friends, and you’re always willing to share!


Check out more looks inspired by the characters from Before I Fall.

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Sadie's Spring Style

Sadie's Spring Style

We sat down with teenage charmer and star of A&E’s Duck Dynasty, Sadie Robertson, to talk about shooting her latest collection in Nashville. She dished on her favorite coffee spot, what she’d wear for a night out in music city, and of course, what she loves most from her spring collab collection with rue21 and Wild Blue.

Q: What is your favorite piece from your new spring collection?

A: My favorite piece from the spring collection is probably the overall look with the off-the-shoulder shirt. It’s got really ‘70s vibes and I’m really into vintage right now, so I love it.

Q: What piece of clothing makes you feel the most confident?

A: Hmm. I don’t think confidence depends on exactly what you’re wearing. It kind of depends on just how you feel in your heart. So whatever I put on, I kind of feel confident because I’m confident in myself. But it does help when I love what I’m wearing and I love all of the clothes in this collection.

Q: What’s your favorite coffee shop in Nashville?

A: My favorite coffee shop in Nashville is Frothy Monkey. It is so good. And they have this coconut milk that’s just a dream to put in all the coffees. And when you walk in they do all of these monkey noises and it’s pretty funny.

Q: What is the perfect outfit for a modern southern girl to rock for a night out in Nashville?

A: I’d say some booties and maybe the overall shorts. It’s still fun, it’s still country, it’s still a southern girl living in Nashville.

Q: What are you looking forward to doing most this spring?

A: This spring I’m actually going on a big tour called Winter Jam and I’m going to be speaking four nights out of the week to huge crowds. I can’t wait to see everybody and meet my fans. Last year we had a lot of girls show up in Wild Blue outfits and it’s just so fun to see the clothes on the girls and them being so confident and feeling pretty. That’s like my favorite thing ever. I just really can’t wait to see all the girls in their outfits…I know they’re going to look so cute. It’s going to be an exciting spring.

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What’s the perfect gift for your Valentine?

What’s the perfect gift for your Valentine?What’s the perfect gift for your Valentine?

Even though Valentine’s Day is kind of a fake holiday, it does have some historical significance and supposedly dates all the way back to Roman times; men in times of war were not allowed to get married, but Bishop Valentine threw down and yelled, “STOP! IN THE NAME OF LOVE!” And proceeded to perform a bunch of secret weddings. Aww! But then he was arrested and eventually executed. Ouch. That’s rough. However, rumor has it, that while he was in incarcerated, he wrote a love note to the jailer’s daughter and signed it, “from your Valentine”. Awwwww. That’s a tough act to follow! So when pondering the perfect gift for the person who brightens your days, you gotta think long and hard.

Chocolate? I guess. Flowers? I mean… okay. But we know you. You got game! You can do more on this Hallmark holiday of holidays. Whoever you’ve got in mind for this special day— whether it be your boyfriend, girlfriend, sister, BFF, dog, or grandmother’s neighbor’s cleaning lady—they deserve a lot of extra love!

Running low on brain juice? No worries— we compiled a list for you with all your possible valentines!

For an SO

For your recently single BFF

For your sister

For the boyfran

For all your girls

For the OG Valentine— mom!

For teacher of the year

For your caffeine consuming coworker

Don’t forget to show some self love!

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rueTunes: Playlist of the Month

rueTunes: Playlist of the Month

The holidays are over, you finally got all the glitter out of your hair from New Year’s Eve… so now what? It’s undeniably January, definitely in the running for the worst month of the year.

If you’re feeling the sting of the season, nothing’s more motivating than that song you cannot stop listening to! Let us help you stick to with your resolutions and get out of the winter blues with a fresh new playlist!

  • 24K Magic: Bruno Mars
  • Grizzly Bear: Two Weeks
  • Starving: Hailee Steinfeld feat. Zedd
  • Bad Things: Machine Gun Kelly feat. Camila Cabello
  • Jealous (I Ain't With It): Chromeo
  • Just Hold On: Steve Aoki & Louis Tomlinson
  • Castle on the Hill: Ed Sheeran
  • Take It All Back: Judah & the Lion
  • Real Slow: Miami Horror
  • Let’s Dance: David Bowie
  • Sound & Color: Alabama Shakes
  • Elevator Music: Beck
  • Prom King: Skylar Spence
  • Youth: Glass Animals
  • Moonlight: Ariana Grande
  • Keeping Your Head Up: Birdy
  • Hunger of the Pine: alt-j
  • Drop the Game: Flume & Chet Faker
  • Walking In My Sleep: Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness
  • Shape of You: Ed Sheeran
  • Tropical Chancer: La Roux
  • Not Easy: Artist: Alex Da Kid (feat. X Ambassadors, Elle King & Wiz Khalifa)
  • All About Me: Syd
  • Now & Later: Sage the Gemini
  • Ignition (Remix): R. Kelly

Birdy, Divide, Bowie, Glass Aniimalsbirdy David Bowie Glass Animals Ed Sheran

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Holiday Movies: The Top 5

Holiday Movies: The Top 5

There were, like, seventeen other holiday movies that could have been on this list but you have to draw the line somewhere. Here’s a handy reference for the top five holiday movies to put you in the festive spirit!

A Christmas Story

This is one of those movies where even if you’ve never seen it, you still vaguely know what the leg lamp is. All nine-year-old Ralphie Parker wants for Christmas is a Red Ryder Carbine Action 200-shot Range Model air rifle, but everyone says “You’ll shoot your eye out.” Do not try this at home! Also: a kid gets his tongue stuck to a flag pole, a bunch of dogs steal the Christmas turkey, and Ralphie drops the F-bomb. Ho ho ho!

Stocking Stuffer: You can buy your very own movie-authentic leg lamp from a major retailer near you.

It’s a Wonderful Life

Possibly the biggest tear-jerker of the season. A small-town guy with big dreams puts them on the back burner and ends up feeling like a failure. An angel steps in and shows him what life would be like if he’d never been born. SPOILER: Donna Reed gets glasses (how come this is “the worst fate ever”?). If you’re not sobbing into a hanky when George Bailey’s community rallies round him after he’s about to lose the bank, you might not be human.

Stocking Stuffer: Take a shot of egg-nog every time somebody says that annoying catchphrase “Hee haw!” Whyyy.

Miracle on 34th Street

One little girl learns to believe in Santa and a New York State judge bangs a gavel and says, “TRUTH.” This movie has everything: the Thanksgiving Day Parade, Santa Claus, and a rival department store executive who for some reason is always portrayed as evil. Which is better, by the way—the 1947 version with Hollywood starlet Maureen O’Hara or the 1994 version with flip phones? Discuss.

Stocking Stuffer: Any old man with a white beard MIGHT BE THE REAL SANTA. So always carry cookies and milk.

White Christmas

This is possibly the most Christmas-y movie that was ever made. It’s like Christmas threw up all over this movie, but in a heartwarming way. Post-WWII vets/musical entertainers get together at a Vermont lodge where they’re disappointed that there’s no snow on Christmas. Until there is! Yay! And Bing Crosby sings “White Christmas” and everyone’s like, “aww.”

Stocking Stuffer: This film has major music and dance numbers. Get some cardio by turning it into an instructional workout video!

How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch. Okay, it’s a 26-minute TV short, not a movie, but this ‘60s classic will never die. Not with sick burns like “I wouldn’t touch you with a thirty-nine-and-a-half-foot pole.” The Grinch decides one year to steal Christmas with the help of loyal dog, Max, who seriously needs a labor union. Luckily for us, the Whos down in Whoville know what Christmas is really about: growing your heart three sizes and then feasting on Roast Beast.

Stocking Stuffer: Assign a ringtone version of “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch” to the grumpiest person in your phonebook. Hee hee hee.

How’d we do on our top picks? What’s on your go-to holiday movie list? Please say Claymation.

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Desiigner x rue21

Desiigner x rue21

Last week at rue21, we were super excited to launch an exclusive pop up shop with Desiigner, breakout hip hop artist and performer!

The pop up shop includes black and white driven items including graphic tees and hoodies, dad hats, and coaches’ jacket— all select to rue21.

More than 250 fans eagerly lined up as early as three in the afternoon to meet Desiigner at a Meet & Greet event held at the Mall in Las Vegas on Friday, December 2nd—the event was scheduled to start at seven in the evening.

DJ Amanda Rose was spinning and two dancers from The Future Kings kept the crowd hyped up until the arrival of the rapper. Desiigner arrived on site and immediately got fans excited.

A Brooklyn native, Desiigner rose to fame for his chart topping single “Panda”. He wore the long sleeve white Desiigner graphic tee when meeting fans and members of the rue21 team, signing merchandise, and taking photos and videos.

Desiigner’s excitement was apparent as he interacted with the crowd and chatted with rue21 associates.

"rue21 in the building ya dig-- we’ve got the merchandise here-- come cop it,” Desiigner said to the crowd as he entered the venue.

Desiigner has been promoting the exclusive shop on his Instagram, and you can check out the line here.

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The rueLife: Bio

The rueLife: Bio

Sam Bachman

Social Media Acquisition Coordinator

Just a girl with a love a for fashion, food, her family and friends.

Most of the drama in her life comes from The Real Housewives, the Kardashians, or Dance Moms.

And on other days, you can categorize her as a devoted Disney geek. So yes, the Magic Kingdom is her ultimate happy place.

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Book Club

Great: Sara Benincasa

Great by Sara Benincasa

A modern twist on the classic novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Great brings many of the classic motifs and symbols of its frame, but with a twist—- the three main characters are female.

During the year, our narrator, Naomi Rye, comes from a modest upbringing. Her parents are divorced, and she lives with her father in Chicago. Her summers, however, are a different story. Her mother is self-absorbed, cupcake chef Ann Rye and who is beloved by the food television audience/ general public. Together each summer, Naomi and Ann coexist unpeacefully in an enormous “cottage” in East Hampton. Naomi, understandably, would rather be in Chicago with her father, a down to earth basketball coach, and her off the beaten path best friend Skags; the pretention that is following her mother around to award shows & gala events is not her world.

This particular summer, however, Naomi’s world is turned upside down by the arrival of next door neighbor and infamous teen blogger Jacinta Trimalchio. Masked by the black mirror of her computer screen, Jacinta has made herself known at swanky New York City prep schools by documenting the day to day (and night to night) lives of the young, rich, and beautiful—following one socialite closer than the rest.

Delilah Fairweather, the supermodel daughter of a Republican Senator, and Naomi are acquainted though their mothers’ social circles. The pair have always been superficially friendly, but during any other summer, no one would really call them friends. This summer, though, nothing is normal—and when Delilah introduces Naomi to Jeff, her overblown boyfriend’s best friend on an extravagant helicopter ride from NYC to the Hamptons— Naomi begins to see the merits of this life she struggled against for so long.

From the very beginning of this unusual summer, Naomi uncovers more secrets about her East Hampton counterparts— mostly that Jacinta is very intrigued in the life and times of Delilah Fairweather—and Delilah’s boyfriend is less than pleased about this new relationship.

Through such secrets, glamorous parties, and her first fling, Naomi becomes part of the opulent East Hampton lifestyle, but finds herself too heavily involved in the end.

For anyone who enjoys classic novels, but also enjoys reading between the lines to figure out the deeper meaning of a story, Great by Sara Benincasa will be a great (ha) read for you. All the classic motifs are there (the green light of Jacinta’s laptop was my favorite).

The twist in the characters makes for a very unique reading experience because even though there is gender fluidity in the three main characters from the work that inspired Great, the personalities in the character’s strengths and weaknesses remain the same. This goes to show, that no matter what era one is in and no matter one’s gender, we are all idiots when it comes to love.

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