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Contouring 101

Contouring 101

Hey beauty addicts! We’re here this week giving tips & a tutorial about a make-up trend that has swarmed the industry. Whether you are a contouring beginner or know it all and want to up your illusion and angle game, we have the steps for every level make-up artist!

Contouring is best defined by Beau Nelson, Kristen Stewart's longtime makeup artist. "Contouring is giving shape to an area of the face and enhancing the facial structure through makeup," says Beau. "It's not supposed to be noticeable— just a subtle definition."

We are stoked to have special guest Suzie B., fitness guru & contour lover, to take you through the steps. Definitely try this at home— we are!

Step 1: Gather supplies for contouring. We used the Ultimate HD Cream Contouring Palette by Celavi, truely yours Liquid Foundation Brush, and the Light Pink Contoured Blending Sponge.

Step 2: Apply foundation, concealer and powder to your face before starting your process.

Step 3: The first step to getting that chic contoured look is using a liquid foundation or sculpting brush and a darker color bronzer than your natural skin tone on your face.

Step 4: To start the contour, start by the hairline. This is where most of the make-up product will gather, and it will be easier to blend out on to the rest of your beautiful palate! Aim for the contour to be on the hollows of your cheeks, and blend inwards from the hairline.

Step 5: Using the blending sponge, blend the contour upwards and make sure it does not pass the center of your eye! Avoid blending down or past the center of your eye. This can result in a cakey or wrinkled looking finish.

Step 6: You can also add some contouring to the jawline, temples, and chin. How much contour added is dependent on the facial structure you want to achieve.

Step 7: After the contouring is complete, it’s time to move onto highlighting to embellish the high points of the face. Key places to apply highlighter includes the tip of the nose, above the cheekbones and around the eye.

Protip: Try applying highlighter to the top of the lips for a truly Kardashian look.

And voilà! The #freedom2be a make-up expert is in your hands! You now have look that’s perfect for day to day, but can also easily be taken to the next level for date night.

It’s important to remember with contouring, and make-up in general, that less is more, and to let your true beauty carry the day.

Check back next week for Suzie B’s favorite at home workouts for winter!

Contouring 101

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Dirty Hair, Don’t Care

Dirty Hair, Don’t Care;

There’s no getting around it.

It’s getting to the time of year where it’s just kind of hard to care.

It’s cold. You’re tired. Getting out of bed and putting on pant is nearly impossible; how are you supposed to muster the energy and creative strength to deal with the mop of hair on your head?

Luckily, our motto here at rue21 is WE NEVER STAND STILL! So while you’re warm in your bed binge watching season three of Grey’s Anatomy (for the fifth time) we’re coming up with adorable ways to do your hair in the A.M. The best part? These styles will work for any type of hair— long or short, dirty or clean. You can roll out of bed, throw on your look of the week, maybe brush your teeth if you’re into that, and go!

The Bun Braid

You knew this was coming. Yeah, we know you know to braid your hair when it’s dirty. But sometimes a simple braid doesn’t pan out when your hair is that greasy. Stop! Don’t wash your hair. Start by pulling your hair half up and securing it with bobby pins. Then, starting where the bobby pins are placed, French braid your hair. Then, taking the tail of the braid, tuck it under and pin using a cris cross pattern with bobby pins. Secure the braid as necessary with bobby pins and gently pull your hair so you have a loose, fun braided bun!

Deep Side Part

Grease tends to form where you hair normally parts, so just do some moving around! Take your part to the other side of your head and create a deep side part. Comb to create smoothness, add a thin headband, and arrange in a low pony at the nape of your neck for a sleek look. After all, you can only dry shampoo so many times.

Updated Rag Rolls

We’re bringing the 40’s into 2017! First, take step one from look two (create a side part on the opposite side of your regular part). Then, take that section of hair, roll it, and pin it back just above your ear. Repeat this on the other side. The section of hair should be more significant on one side than the other. Top off this vintage look with some red lipstick and you’re ready to take on the world!

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Glimmer, Sparkle & Shine! NYE 2017 Make Up Basics

NYE Make Up Basics

You took the outfit quiz. Your date has been secured. The bubbly has been purchased. The crew has been assembled. NYE 2017 is… READY! But! There’s one thing that you absolutely cannot forget—- one very important factor—- your makeup. We know you’ll be up all night, but your face should look as fresh at hour one as hour eight (or nine… or ten…) You’ve already posted tons of pics on Instagram and Snapchat, so how do you make your NYE look pop among the dozens of fab looks you’ve already uploaded? The answer is in the eyes—- and using the right tools to highlight them. We have quick, easy, and versatile tips to keep your eyes bright and shiny for your whole evening of fabulous fun!

Start with a cream concealer and apply all over your eyelids, under your eyes, and under your eyebrows. This will act as a primer to create a solid base to keep your makeup in place through the glitter, sweat, and tears of laughter that comes from the amazing times you’ll have with your friends!

Create a stand out brow without an expensive brow kit! Take a clean toothbrush and give your brows a good brushing— move the hair every which way—but eventually, make sure the brow hair is all brushed upwards. Take care of any strays and smooth out the hair in its natural direction. Taking a small angle brush, a little bit of water, and an eyeshadow palate that matches your skin and hair complexion, wet the angle brush. Can’t match your brow color with an eyeshadow? Don’t be afraid to do some mixing, and try the Glow Eyeshadow Palate for a few different shades! Then, stroke your angle brush in the eyeshadow or combo of choice, and starting just above the brow bone, lightly pull a diagonal line from beginning to end of brow. Using the toothbrush, pull the color upwards and fill in where necessary. Bam! Adele eyebrows achieved.

Ever try white eyeliner? If not, we are pleased to introduce you to your new BFF. White eyeliner makes your eyes look so big, wide, and beautiful, no one will know if you’re dragging around 11 PM. Take a white eyeliner pencil and start at your tear duct. Make the line on your upper lash line a little thicker than normal. Line your waterline with the white pencil, and then use a black liquid or glitter pen to create a thin line on your upper lash line, creating a double line for a fun party base!

Using these basics, we leave the rest of your look in your hands. Go crazy with your look! It’ll be a new year, so make it the best night ever!

(The champagne isn’t the only thing that’s gonna pop this New Year’s Eve!)

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Red Lip Tips & Tricks

Red Lip Tips & Tricks

A classic holiday look calls for a classic holiday make up staple—- the red lip!

Whether you’re going to dinner at Grandma’s or dressing up your ugly Christmas sweater, a red lip is a total game changer. When executed properly, the red lip will up any outfit, whether you are in the holiday season or not.

Executing the perfect red lip can be tough, and maintaining it can be even harder, especially with all the eating and drinking that comes with this time of year.

Here are some tips to keep your lips fresh and crisp as the nights wears on.

  • Start by lining your lips with a lip liner that is one shade darker than what you will be applying later.
  • Then, using that same shade, draw an X on your cupid’s bow—the portion of your lips that is directly underneath your nose.
  • After, apply the shade of red that best suits your skin tone. If you are a porcelain goddess, the world is your oyster when it comes to red lipstick, but if you are a bronze beauty, the selection is slightly smaller.
    • Fair skin tones: For best results, pick cherry based reds with blue undertones.
    • Medium skin tones: Select bright orange based reds that will enhance your natural olive undertones.
    • Dark skin tones: Use jarring bright reds with fiery undertones.
  • Once your perfect shade is applied, take a piece of paper and blot your lips.
  • Finally, take a small brush and outline your lips with liquid concealer to prevent any color bleeding as you drink, eat, and laugh the night away!

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Thanksgiving Recuperation: You Got This!

Thanksgiving Recuperation

The greater portion of America is still sporting a food baby from the greater portions of food consumed last Thursday—what a society we live in. But, in order to get a jump on fitting into that fabulous dress you scored for practically nothing on Black Friday for New Year’s Eve, it’s time to get serious about getting back on the health wagon! You pass that Pilates studio on your way to school or work every day… and it seems like a good idea to sign up for the intro class, but you need some positive motivation to get there!

A cleanse can be just the push you need to get there!

When done correctly, cleanses are a great way to jump start the metabolism, clear the system, brighten the skin, and make for better days & nights overall. The thing to know about a cleanse, though, is they are not a quick solution for fast weight loss or the easy way to perfect health. When doing a cleanse, proper support in other areas of your life are necessary. Remember that Pilates studio you passed this morning? Sign up! Pass up the pizza in the cafeteria and the take out Chinese food tonight for bringing clean and fresh options to work or school and cooking with wholesome and organic ingredients. If you start now, your New Year’s resolution will be way easier—and you’ll be looking and feeling fantastic for your holiday parties! Cleanses also help deal with stress (an excellent virtue to have on one’s side during holiday family time), increased energy for exercise and other activities, and improves your immune system so you are less likely to get sick in the ever-changing weather.

Need cleanse inspo? A super simple starter cleanse can be made with things you find in your kitchen every day!

  • 1 cup warm water
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice
  • 1 tablespoons raw honey
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1 dash cayenne

Mix well in Good Vibes Only Tumbler, to remind you that it’s a marathon, not a sprint!

Good luck & let us know how it goes!

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Yoga & Korean Skin Care: Redoing your Morning Routine

Korean Skin Care & Yoga: Redoing Your Morning Routine

Your alarm goes off. You groan.

Mostly because it’s forty degrees outside and you fell asleep with your make up on... Again.

Your beauty routine needs an upgrade. But how can you possibly look & feel your best so early in the A.M.? The answer is in your routine!

First, treat yourself to a good eight hours of sleep on a consistent basis. Then, when the fateful alarm rings, don’t snooze! Snoozing puts your REM cycle all out of whack (science!). Then, before you start any beauty routine, stretch! Spend ten minutes doing your favorite yoga poses. Don’t know any? Try a simple cycle that will invigorate your mind and body. Use a towel if you don’t have a yoga mat for increased comfort.

  • Cat/ Cow- Start on your hands and knees, stacking your hands beneath your shoulders. With every inhale, drop your belly button and your back for cow. On the exhale, arch your back and bring your belly button up and in for cat. Repeat for 30 breaths.

  • Downward Facing Dog- A yoga classic! From Cat/Cow, bring yourself up to a triangle position. Make sure your hands and feet are flat on the floor for maximum stretch in the hamstrings. Breathe deeply for 30 breaths.

  • Tree Pose- From the first two poses, you should be warm enough for a balancing pose. From Downward Facing Dog, step your feet to your hands & gently roll your body upwards. Reach to the sky and breathe! Bring your hands to prayer at your chest. Once you are steady in your breath, bring your left foot up to your inner thigh or calf. It is important that you do not place your foot on your knee joint. Once steady, train your gaze upwards and reach to the sky. Inhale and exhale ten times, and then repeat on the right side.

  • Bridge Pose- From Tree Pose, fold forward and find a supine or laying position. Lift your hips up while keeping your feet at a 90 degree angle and flat on the floor. Inhale for 30 breaths.

  • Child’s Pose- Cool down with Child’s Pose. Sit on your knees and fold forward, while having your big toes touch behind you. Stretch your arms out long in front of you and take big inhales and exhales.

Post yoga, take a relaxing shower or bath, and then indulge in a Korean Beauty face mask to make sure your face is glowing all day. Try Ampoule Juice Sheep Soothing Mask By Somoon® for a great base to hold all that positive yoga energy! Take a few extra minutes (and hours if you count the eight hours of sleep you’ve now committed to!) to really take time for yourself—because you are worth it!

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